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Turkey’s two pioneering and leading production companies Medyapım and Ay Yapım collaborated in a joint venture, MADD (Med Yapım Ay Yapım Drama Distribution) and gathered their international content distribution rights under a single roof.


Medyapım, founded in 1993 carries the heritage of the Turkish broadcasting know-how as one of the most experienced and well-known production houses in the country. Medyapım invested in Turkey’s first formats and first remakes and created series like Girl Named Feriha, Mother, Woman, A Miracle, A Woman Scorned, Hidden Truth and Love is in the Air.

Ay Yapım, founded in 2005, is the producer of Turkey’s most loved, watched and influential dramas. This young, fast paced, perfectionist company created titles like Endless Love, Fatmagul, Black Money Love, Forbidden Love, Ezel, Persona, The Choice, Flames of Fate, Family Secrets and The Family.

Ay yapım