Light In The Dark

Light In The Dark
  • Original Title: Bir Derdim Var
  • Status: Completed
  • Episodes: 18 x 45 min
  • Timeslot: Primetime
  • Producer & Year: Ay Yapım & 2023
  • Available Formats: Finished Episodes
  • Starring:

LIGHT IN THE DARK is the story of Dr. Nilüfer Toska, a dedicated psychiatrist with a special talent for helping troubled adolescents confronting harsh problems. For Dr. Nilüfer, there are no hopeless cases. Her unique understanding of the adolescent mind keeps her one step ahead of her colleagues. But Dr. Nilüfer’s genius carries a steep price. Despite her success, she is haunted by an awful secret that, if it ever came out, could ruin her career.

Dr. Nilüfer’s nemesis is Ömer, an uncompromising prosecutor who believes that the only way to help a juvenile delinquent is to strictly enforce the law. His own troubled adolescence taught Ömer that punishment is the only cure, and Dr. Nilüfer’s gentle approach exasperates him. One case after another puts them on opposite sides of the table, but their shared desire to help these kids – as well as their own troubled pasts – draws them together inevitably. LIGHT IN THE DARK explores the secrets of human mind and the balance between logic and emotions in a world where things are seldom black and white.