Doors of Destiny

Doors of Destiny
  • Original Title: Zamanın Kapıları
  • Status: New
  • Episodes: 10 x 45-50min
  • Timeslot: Primetime
  • Producer & Year: Medyapım & 2024
  • Available Formats: Format Rights & Finished Episodes
  • Starring: Esra Bilgiç
    Birkan Sokullu
    Cem Bender
    Erkan Can
    İbrahim Selim
    Elçin Afacan

Doors of Destiny is the fiery story of two remarkable people brought together by passion and a dark secret.
Sinan is the charismatic and mysterious antisocial genius behind a top software company. Nevra is an attractive, high-flying executive atop her father’s sprawling business empire. Each is a workaholic driven by personal demons few can understand.
When their paths cross, Sinan and Nevra find themselves embroiled in a passionate love affair no one would have expected. But what is the dark secret that brought them together in the journey towards their roots? Can their love survive it?