Asesino Del Olvido

Asesino Del Olvido
  • Adapted By: Persona
  • Status: New
  • Episodes: 10 x 60 min
  • Timeslot: Primetime
  • Producer & Year: PARAMOUNT & AY YAPIM & 2021
  • Available Formats: Finished Episodes
  • Starring:

Pascual Leon, a retired, bitter 65 year old, wakes up one day to discover Cornelia, his cat and only companion, is dead. The sorrow of this loss comes with a hidden revelation that turns his life around: the cat died of dehydration. Pascual forgot to feed her for several days and this caused her demise. That same day, Pascual is diagnosed with the beginning stages of Alzheimer. He will lose his memory, his identity and his entire being will be forgotten.

Pascual’s reaction to the news of his disease is unsuspected: he conspicuously drives to a courthouse, steals seized weapons and sets the building on fire. He later selects a file of a criminal that was set free and kidnaps him. Pascual creates an elaborate info graph of people from his past and begins to murder them one by one. The first victim is a corrupt Judge. On his forehead, Pascual leaves a message. The message is addressed to a young, up and coming police officer: Jimena Guerra.

Jimena Guerra is a member of a new Police Force in charge of investigating the Judge’s murder. Soon, the murders start piling up, all of them with a message addressed to her stuck on the victim’s foreheads. As the investigation progresses, Jimena will unravel the mystery behind the murders. As Pascual’s memory fades more each passing day, she regains her own and discovers that a long-forgotten memory from her childhood is the hidden motive behind the murders: Rebeca Marin’s rape, her teenage friend from when she lived in a small town called Asunción de la Sal.

Pascual León is an avenger; a man that takes justice into his own hand on account of the general indolence. For Pascual, losing his memory is inadmissible unless someone rights the wrongs. At the same time, losing his memory will liberate him of any sense of guilt or remorse for the murders. Pascual decides he will right these wrongs before he forgets.