• Adapted By: Stiletto Vendetta
  • Status: New
  • Episodes: 90 x 45 min
  • Timeslot: Primetime
  • Producer & Year: MBC Group & Ay Yapım & 2022
  • Available Formats: Finished Episodes
  • Starring:

Our story begins at a fabulous party held in one of the nicest homes of an upscale residential complex. Guests are scattered throughout the marvelous garden, where loud music plays over the steady hum of a party in high gear. Then suddenly, the unexpected: A corpse falls out an from the top floor right into a flower bed right in the center of the party. The killer is hiding behind the curtain of an open window. But who was killed? And who is the killer?

Along with Rami, the investigating detective, we travel back in time through flashbacks as he interviews each witness and unspools a mystery that began years ago with four high school girls and a cruel prank that went too far.

Falak, Naelle and Joelle only wanted to wind up their over-achieving friend Alma, but their prank led to Alma’s expulsion from school and left her despondent and even suicidal for a time. Having drifted apart, the four women are brought back together 20 years later for the funeral of their high school principal. Falak still has a domineering persona, while Joelle follows Falak at every step, afraid and jealous of her at the same time. Naelle grew into the kindest and gentlest of the group – her sole focus seems to be her husband and children. As for Alma, the formerly spontaneous, cheerful girl grew into a successful but lonely doctor. Their reunion leads to many arguments and confrontations, especially from Alma. The girls’ cruelty changed Alma’s life forever, and she cannot let go of the past.

Things take a turn when Alma develops a romance with Falak’s husband Karim, a handsome and successful businessman. Karim is Falak’s saving grace, her source of strength and the envy of other women. Unlike Falak, Karim has a strong bond with his daughter Tala, to whom Karim gives all the love and affection he was denied as a youth. Despite being the only son of a wealthy family, his parents never gave him real affection. Karim has only found those feelings with Alma and Tala.

Karim and Alma’s relationship grows in parallel with the development of the plot. Karim realizes the hollowness of his marriage and decides to leave Falak. But Falak considers Karim her property, and she is not about to give up her trophy husband to Alma.

Alma's friend and professor, Mr. Khaled, was expelled from school along with Alma after the three girls carried out their nasty prank all the years ago. Khaled serves as our guide, narrating the events we witness throughout the series. Falak was the ringleader then, and she has good reason to hate Alma now. As our story progresses, however, it becomes clear that any one of the four girls might be the killer as well Karim. Every one of them has motive to kill – and reasons they might be killed!