• Original Title: Anne
  • Status: Completed
  • Episodes: 85 x 45 min
  • Timeslot: Primetime
  • Producer & Year: Medyapım & 2016
  • Available Formats: Finished Episodes
  • Starring:

Zeynep is a young woman who has a fear of intimacy due to her being abandoned. When Zeynep was abandoned by her mother Gonul at the age of five, she was adopted by rich woman Cahide. Her real mother Gonul killed Zeynep’s father when Zeynep was a child and she was sentenced to prison. Even though Cahide loved and raised Zeynep as her own child, Zeynep has grown up to be a lonely, introverted girl for being an orphan.

After graduating from college, Zeynep wanted to participate as a photographer with a bird migration-tracking group of a university. As bureaucracy holds her back with this plan, she agrees to take another job while waiting. She starts working as a teacher but she doesn’t like the position much because her nature is cold and distant. However, she meets little Melek at the class who will change her life forever.

Melek is a positive, hardworking and cheerful kid who has a lot of joy despite the physical and emotional violence she is exposed at home. When Zeynep gets news about her trip, she stops by at Melek’s house to say goodbye. She finds out that Melek was left to die in a garbage bag. This becomes a milestone for Zeynep. She accepts that she must be the savior of Melek.