• Adapted By: War of The Roses
  • Status: New
  • Episodes: 90 x 42 min
  • Timeslot: Primetime
  • Producer & Year: MBC Group & Medyapım & 2023
  • Available Formats: Finished Episodes
  • Starring:

CRYSTAL examines the intricate dance between dreams and their consequences. At the heart of the story is Fay, a determined young girl raised in the servants' quarters of a villa. From a tender age, Fay fixates on Aliya, the villa owner's beautiful daughter, as her ultimate role model. As Fay grows older, her childhood fixation transforms into a relentless pursuit of power and success, and Fay becomes a ruthless social climber. Fay's journey forces her to confront familial bonds, the class divide, and the harsh realities of breaking into high society. The series explores the complexities of loyalty, envy, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of dreams.

The series takes an unexpected turn when Aliya, initially indifferent to Fay's presence, becomes an unwitting pawn when Fay's moves gradually dismantle Aliya's life. The rivalry intensifies as Fay, once an innocent girl with dreams taller than herself, becomes a formidable force, overtaking Aliya's position and possessions, even her man. However, as Fay ascends to power, we see the heavy toll exacted on her relationships and the profound loneliness that accompanies her success. In her newfound solitude, she stands as a powerful figure, mirroring the very person she once admired, highlighting the tragic irony of her journey and the consequences of becoming what one aspires to be.