All About Marriage

All About Marriage
  • Original Title: Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey
  • Status: Completed
  • Episodes: 104 x 45 min
  • Timeslot: Primetime
  • Producer & Year: MF Yapım & 2021
  • Available Formats: Finished Episodes
  • Starring:

Çolpan Cevher is a renowned lawyer and has built the family business into Istanbul’s top divorce practice when her oldest daughter Azra suddenly leaves the firm to join a rival. Stubborn sister Sanem who is also a lawyer remains with her mother, while the little sister Güneş lives her life away from the law. To complicate the matters more, their father shows up --- 25 years after running away with the nanny --- to reclaim his share of the family business.

Stable life of Azra is shaken when she learns the infidelity of her husband'. who is also a divorce attorney and the couple have three beautiful children together. Despite all her professional experience, Azra is ill-prepared for her own divorce when she reconnects with an old flame at her new firm.

There is only so much room at the top, and eventually Azra’s new firm sets out to crush her old one. In the midst of a nasty divorce, a reviving love affair, and a bitter business rivalry with her own mother, Azra is pushed to the very limit.